temple spa products are by far the best

Just a little shout out to Jennie-Marie Glover and the amazing products she supply temple spa products are by far the best I’ve come across (with my face and skin) ive tried many ranges over the years but nothing even scratches the side of these not only do they rejuvenate your skin they make you feel better with there relaxing scents candles and oils, yes these products are on the higher end of the affordability scale but I believe your skin is an investment after all were going to be looking at it till we meet our maker,
Jenny also let’s you set up plans when you want to pay for products for example there’s a few things I’ve ordered for Christmas but not been able to afford these all at once Jenny kindly wrote everything down and dates when each product could be paid for and dispatched. There’s so many ideas for gifts too buying the gift sets can be a great money saving idea, by simply splitting these up buying your own glasses cups ect and putting together your own personal little treat presents with one or 2 products in them followed by wine, socks, or even chocolates . Making your own high end gifts, I cannot recommend these products enough, also Jenny is a absolute pleasure helping to relaxing and treat you on Spa classes �