Mental Health – My Vulnerable Story

Most people have experience with mental health issues. 

My experience is with my Husband. He has suffered with depression and anxiety for many years.

Thankfully, with help and support, he is managing well.

A major part of his mental health improvements have been reducing stress. We as a family have Temple Spa to thank for this as working with Temple Spa has meant that I can earn enough to make sure that my husband doesn’t have to have a paid job. 

He works with me on my website and admin and he takes care of the kids and the home. In his words “it is the dream job and very rewarding”. 

Richard and I are living the dream.  

It isn’t plain sailing by any means but we have both learnt how to manage our lives a bit better and we keep improving. 

Please watch my video on this page. It is in conjunction with a Temple Spa offer where Temple Spa will donate £6 for every Repose Collection sold to Mind.