Overcoming Resistance to Change

Do you need to overcome resistance to change? 

It may be a job you need to change, a relationship, a place you live, elements of your personality or habits.

The dictionary’s definition of resistance is “ The refusal to accept or comply with something”

I personally have learned that the thing I resisted the most, was the thing I need to start doing, to get results.

A couple of examples of this include eating healthy, wholesome foods and running. As a personal Trainer you would think that the above would come easy and be a no brainer. But for a season all I wanted to do was eat the opposite of healthy food and despised the thought of running.

One day I decided to put into practice my belief that we resist the things we need the most and make a note of the results I got.

I started by creating a healthy, nutritious menu that was low in simple carbohydrates and sugars and high in Protein and healthy fats. The results were astonishing within three days I felt amazing. To quantify this I had clarity in my thinking and emotional stability. It was almost like a veil had been lifted. I could see the world clearer and it looked beautiful.

Another benefit was that I felt more motivated to move. So with this new found energy I decided to go running and to my utter surprise I really enjoyed it. I started listening to audio books such as The power of the subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and The Code to the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani. 

As I listened to these life changing books, I began to get even more clarity in my thinking which lead to business ideas and the enthusiasm to follow them up.

The motto of the story is this, what are you resisting? Could it be the thing that you need to do to get a break through?

I could not imagine what my life would look like today if I had not committed to try the things I was resisting. I suspect I would not have the busy Personal Training Practice that I have today and my Life coaching clients would not get the best from me if I didn’t have the clarity and knowledge that I have gained whilst running and eating healthy.

The key in all of this is, ask yourself, what is it I am fighting against?

Then rather than resist it, face it head on with the intention of getting a break through.

In conclusion to the above, another benefit to resistance training is you become stronger, leaner and a force to be reckoned with.

You are powerful and have great potential but the distance you travel will be determined by the motivation to challenge all you have been resisting.