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Hi. I am Jennie and I am a REP’S level 3 qualified Personal Trainer in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 

I help people lose weight, get fit, gain strength, be more flexible and gain confidence.   

Obtaining your physical goals takes a big effort from you and I will guide you through to this achievement by careful planning, being where you need me, encouraging you and exercising where you feel comfortable.

Most physical states are due to our lifestyle. Work, sleep, stress and children can all have an impact on how we care for ourselves. 

With minor tweaks to our personal and professional lives and putting ourselves further forward in our priorities, we can accomplish our physical goals. 

I have experience training with various ages from 5 year old to 90 year old. We all need a good balance of fitness and good nutrition at all age levels. Obviously the earlier in life we make good choices the better our health is throughout our lives but there are numerous benefits from exercise at any age.

We will work on your goals being achieved in a fun way that fits your desires and lifestyle, making sure that you keep up the new formed habits and make health & fitness your life long partner.

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Where Am I Scarborough, North Yorkshire

I have my own studio gym and I am based at 47 Eastborough, Scarborough, YO11 1NH.

I can travel to where ever you would prefer to exercise and meet. Please be aware that travelling to you means that the exercise equipment we use will be less than if we where in my studio but never the less, we can still plan for great workouts.  

It is important that you are comfortable and feel completely at ease for you to enjoy fitness.

So, if busy gyms are not your thing then contact me , Female Personal Trainer Scarborough North Yorkshire, to arrange exercise and fitness at your place.