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Life Coach in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

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Helping You Take Control.

I am Jennie-Marie. Life Coach in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Our thoughts and emotions are what makes us who we are. Sometimes our thoughts are miss-guided and lead our emotions where we don’t want them, somewhere that is not beneficial. 

I am trained to put some order into your thoughts and give you a positive mindset. We have thoughts and beliefs that go back to when we were first born. Some of these in-ground thoughts are harmful to us and inhibit us from living a fulfilled life. 

They’re maybe circumstances that are happening right now that make you anxious, confused, angry or lost.  The emotions you feel are down to your thoughts and how you process them. 

I can help you sort through these patterns of thought and help you to manage life easier. To give you the tools to be stronger and able to cope.

Online Face-Time or Face to Face Life Coaching. 

For life coaching in Whitby, North Yorkshire or anywhere in the World. I am based in Newholm, Whitby, North Yorkshire. We can meet face to face if you can make it to my office. If not, then talking online via Face-time is still highly effective.


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