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Personal Training in Whitby

1 to 1 personal training sessions are at my Studio in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 

My Personal Training packages are paid monthly every month. I don’t believe in quick fixes where you get to a certain point in a few weeks then you live un-healthy again. 

I aim to make a strong relationship with you where I Truly Am Your Personal Trainer. 

The training sessions I provide are using a mixture of cardiovascular exercises and strength exercises. 

Outdoor running, stationary cycling, burpees and other plyometric moves are all types of Cardio exercises we will perform. 

We will be using dumb bells, TRX and bodyweight for all strength type exercises.  

Personal Training Via Skype

With all the same great benefits of having face to face Personal Training with me, you can have a great workout that fits into your busy schedule anywhere in the World. 

All my Personal Training is aimed at me being your Personal Trainer for life. Losing weight in 6 weeks them gaining the weight again is not what I want for you. 

Longterm dedication to your health and fitness is paramount to you being the best you can be in work, for you and your family. 

Let me know what equipment you have available to you and I will plan a challenging workout ready for our Skype call.

During the Skype Call Session, we can chat through the exercises and I will give feedback on your form as you perform each exercise.  

a Good Start £280

per month

2 x 1 hour sessions per week
at My Studio in Whitby
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optimum Fitness £360

per month

3 x 1 hour sessions per week
at My Studio in Whitby
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Skype PT £150

per month

3 x 20 minutes per week
Anywhere in the World
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