About Jennie-Marie Glover Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Temple Spa Consultant


I am Jennie-Marie Glover born 1978 in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. 

All my working life has been working with people from the very young to the elderly. 

I have had roles with

  • The Princess Trust
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • YMCA

I became a REPS level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer in 2014 after wanting to follow my dreams of working in the health & fitness industry. 

I am also a Temple Spa Manager and Lifestyle Consultant which goes hand in hand with Personal Training and Life Coaching to offer a complete Lifestyle business. 

I am married to Richard Glover and I am a mother to 3 wonderful boys. 

Richard works with me in my business. He designs and manages my website, produces and edits my videos, he does my administration and occasionally writes for my website.  

I have been married since March 2004 to Richard. Our relationship started at school and I think I will tell the full story in a blog post soon.

I have had quite a few active and challenging jobs over the years. 

I have been a support worker in supported housing. I have worked for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Prince’s Trust and Volunteered as a Global Rep for the YMCA.

My husband and I started our first business in 2009 when our youngest child was 1 year old. We started a very rewarding Childminding business and continued this business until 2016.

In 2016 we decided to re-locate from our home in Leeds to Scarborough to be near my Mum and Dad. So near in-fact we live in there big building near Scarborough seafront. We are going to be moving to Whitby in August 2019. I will still be working from the same studio in Scarborough but I will also have a studio in our new home in Whitby. 

I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2013. I have always been active and enjoyed working out at the gym. When I was looking for a business opportunity that would suit me, Personal Training was a perfect fit.

I am fit and active, I love to meet people and help people achieve their desires. Because of my abilities as an encourager and motivator, I have the ability to be a life coach.

I am a Temple Spa Senior Lifestyle Consultant and Manager. I love this job. I get to meet people and share products that truly are wonderful. 

With all my different hats, I have started to have my overall Job Title as Jennie-Marie Fitness & Lifestyle.