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I am Jennie-Marie, a Female Personal Trainer in Whitby, North Yorkshire. 

Armed with my REP’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 Qualification, which shows that I am an expert in the field of Health & Fitness, I work with you to accomplish fitness of the body and mind.

Feel at ease working alone with me, away from busy gyms and fully concentrated on you and your fitness and well-being goals. 

Workout safely. I make sure each exercise move is done correctly to help avoid injuries and keep you reaching your goals.  

I help by giving you the tools to get fit, healthy, lose weight and gain strength.

We will work together on your goals and deliver your exercise in a way that fits your desires and lifestyle, making sure that you keep up the new formed habits and make health & fitness your life long partner.

I know that obstacles that life brings can affect health & nutrition in all of us. I am here to help by listening to you to find out what you want and need. Together we can find ways to help you achieve good health and fitness, giving you what you need.

My Services Personal Trainer

  • Strength


    An increase in strength or lifting weights, is vital for Fat Burning and of course being able to function in day to day tasks. Muscle or a toned look is also most peoples desired goal for aesthetics. I can help you gain strength with a carefully planned weight lifting exercises. I can help you lift effectively and carefully.
  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    With a mixture of weight lifting, cardiovascular exercises and nutrition advice, I can help you get to your desired weight.
  • Nutrition


    Nutrition is the most important factor when you are trying to lose weight, gain strength and burn fat. I can help you look at ways to change eating behaviours and make positive changes to your eating habits.

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