Life Coach | Personal Trainer | Health & Beauty | Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

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Life Coach | Personal Trainer | Health & Beauty | Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Life Coach

Life Coach

I help people of all ages to realise the potential they possess and to map out their next steps to achieve their goals.  

Personal Training

Personal Training

I am a qualified personal trainer. I can help you transform by helping you with motivation then guiding you through a fitness plan that is right for you. I also look at your diet and how to make improvements. 

Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty

I am a Temple Spa Consultant. A Temple Spa Class can be in your own home with just you or you and a few friends. I show you techniques on skin care application while you are treated to a spa where you are experience. 

What is a Lifestyle Consultant?

The title is from Temple Spa as my title is – Lifestyle Consultant. 

I have used this title and expanded on the role I already hold with Temple Spa. 

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and I have a natural skill in leadership and getting the best out of people. I am using these skills to offer you my service as a complete – Lifestyle Consultant or Lifestyle Coach. 

I am very much motivated in helping people reach their potential, for them to live life to the full. I do this by finding out your motivation and working on what you want out of life and developing a plan for health and fitness. With this new found health on the inside, I know that it is important to care for our skin, our outward appearance. That is where the Temple Spa Skin Care range comes in. 

I test to see what type of skin care products are right for you and show you how to apply correctly and offer these exclusive products to you for you to have your own spa experiences in your own time and surroundings. 

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My Family and I live and work from Solid Rock Cafe Scarborough.

47 Eastborough, Scarborough.

We can meet here if you like to discuss your fitness and wellbeing goals.

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